SmartStripping® AquaConsoil 2013

L’invito ad AquaConsoil 2013 di Barcellona per Ecosurvey® che ha presentato il progetto SmartStripping®: qui l’elenco degli atti del convegno.

Dear authors,

You have submitted an abstract for the AquaConSoil 2013, which has been accepted either for poster or oral presentation.


Professional Congress Organization

Permoserstr. 15 (Leipziger KUBUS)

04318 Leipzig, Germany




  • Conference/Seminar Date: Apr. 16-19, 2013
  • Venue: Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB)
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain

AquaConSoil 2013 Themes

A. Using functions of soil-water systems

  • Soil, sediment and groundwater as resource of valuable materials (and waste cycles)
  • Urban (ground)water management
  • Thermal energy in soil-water systems
  • Role of soil-water systems in climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Eco-engineering

B. Soil and water resources management in water scarcity regions

  • Assessment of quantity, quality and vulnerability
  • Solutions for salinization of soil-water systems

C. Assessment and monitoring

  • Fate, transport and risks
  • Developments in site investigation and monitoring
  • Effects of climate change and/or groundwater management
  • Ecosystem services assessment and monitoring

D. Remediation technologies for soil, groundwater and sediment

  • Technologies for (in situ) remediation and management of soil contamination
  • Costs and management
  • Sustainable remediation / Environmental footprint
  • Sector specific cases of remediation and soil contamination management

E. Concepts and policies

  • Soil-water systems policy and regulation
  • Regional management of soil-water systems
  • Sustainable use of the subsurface
  • Resource efficiency

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