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Eco-Innovation Day, Bruxelles 8-9.11.2012

Brief summary of the Eco-Innovation Day 8_9 November 2012

Alan Seatter, Director for Environment, European Commission: We do not live in a sustainable system for the environment, in Europe, every person, in one year, generates a consumption of raw materials of 16 tons and waste production of 6 tons. 40% of municipal waste is still send to landfill, while only 23% is recycled, 20% incinerated and 17% composed. European Commission Environment directorate-general supports the effort to bridge the gap between eco-innovation research and the market to help EU meet its environmental objectives.

Beatriz Yordi, Head of Unit Eco-Innovation: An interactive map of Europe with the location of all the Eco-Innovation projects is available at the link http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eco-innovation/in-action/index_en.htm with. Eco-Innovation will stop in 2013 and Horizon 2020 will be the new framework programme for research and innovation with a budget of nearly 25.000 millions Euro. But still don’t know in which form for SME.

Some guidelines for Horizon 2020 are just available, for example at Life+ web page: project website, how to write an abstract, PowerPoint presentations, posters, ecc and project partners are welcome to use it. Always mention Eco-Innovation founding in the outputs of the projects. At Eco-Innovation offices there is a place to hang the news about the projects, therefore project partners are welcome to send articles or posters to Project Officers.

SmartStripping project was described during the cluster meeting about water.

Eco-innovation will end in 2013 and  Horizon 2020 will be the new Framework Programm for Research and Innovation.


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