Surface water runoff: crime in absence of law

Surface water runoff: crime in absence of law

As it flows over the land surface, stormwater picks up potential pollutants that may include sediment, nutrients (from lawn fertilizers), bacteria (from animal and human waste), pesticides (from lawn and garden chemicals), metals (from rooftops and roadways), and petroleum by-products (from leaking vehicles): the Decree 152/2006 estabilish with the art. 113, comma 3 that local Italian  region must define rules for surface water runoff.

From 2006 until now the Calabria Region has no regulations on management of surface water runoff , unless the previous art. 11 , paragraph 4 , of the Regional Law on October 3, 1997 : the 2 lines of paragraph 4 are incomparable with Regional Laws in other Italian regions ( Lombardy , Tuscany , Emilia Romagna , etc. ): it is nearly a decade of absence of Regional law on surface water runoff.

The Supreme Court convicted the manager of a gas station notwithstanding the absence of a clear surface water runoff regional law.

In our country we are still far from the application of the European-Water-Stewardship-Standard for the improvement of the practices of water use, management and governance that, sooner or later, will also affect our companies.

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