Economia circolare e Bioeconomia SICA

Circular and Bioeconomy Economy: SICA Award

Circular economy and bioeconomy: the “Central American integration towards the Bicentennial of Independence and 30 years of SICA” award also goes to Eng. R. Midence di Ecosurvey®.

The Central America Integration System (SICA) with the Development Institute of the Loyola University of Seville, Spain, have awarded the winners of the Call for Papers 2020 edition.“Central American Integration towards the Bicentennial of Independence and 30 years of SICA.”

Con lo studio “Central America: Toward a powered Bioeconomy across a protected biodiversity”

  • Roger Midence (Ecosurvey)
  • Francisco Bernardo (Università di Granada)
  • Alessandra Bonoli (Alma Mater University of Bologna)

are the winners of the second place in the 2020 call out of the 174 proposals examined by the Technical Commission. Further information on the SICA call for paper competition available at this link.

Circular economy and Bioeconomy SICA_poster

The circular economy and the bioeconomy are topics of extreme interest all over the world and, in 2020, Italy was awarded the highest score in the circularity index by implementing the cen-circular economy network promoted by ENEA.

More information on the Circular Economy in Italy at this link the report on the 10 proposals for a Circular Economy in Italy follows.

Download (Proposals-and-Research-Summary-Report-on-circular-economy-in-Italy-2019.pdf, Unknown)


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