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Contamination by perfluorinated PFAS

The perfluorinated PFAS contamination threshold concentrations were established in Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of 6.07.2016 which transposes the Directive 2014/80 / EU [amendment Annex II of Directive 2006/118 / EC] on the protection of groundwater against pollution. The CNR-IRSA in 2013 published the «Evaluation of environmental and health risks associated with the contamination…

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ARPAE Environmental crimes Protocol, Prosecution and Police Forces

Protocol Ecoreats signed on 18.05.2016 by the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of Bologna, dott. De Francisci, the general manager of ARPAE, dott. Bortone, the representatives of the nine local bureaus and the commanders of the NOE Carabinieri, State Forestry Authority and Harbor Master’s Office are aiming to ensure homogeneous application throughout the…

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