How much is the paradox of the Tin soil contamination in Italy?


Tin soil contamination: the anomaly is the limit of 1 mg/kg of the thirteenth parameter of the Table 1A, Attachment.5, part IV of the Legislative Decree 152/2006 (grounds with green-residential destination), and the parameter thirteenth of the Table 1, Attachment 1 of the ex- Ministerial Decree. 471/1999! After over 13 years, 6 Ministers of the Environment and waste of resources, we are still living with this “paradox”. For years, the technical officials of numerous regional ARPA (Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Puglia, Campania, Veneto, Lombardy) signal this anomaly that also emerges from the documents of Superior Institute of the Health and it is note to all the connoisseurs. Unfortunately the “paradox” of the Tin is not limited to residential land use soils, but it affects also the agricultural land use soils because, lacking the dedicated regulation for agricultural areas indicated at point 15 of Article 17 of former DM 471/1999 and by Article 241 of D.Lgs. 152/06 (so far not issued by the Ministries of Environment, Production and Forestry Policy), the local Administrations are forced to spread the 1 mg/kg limit error to agricultural lands, transforming Italy in the European country potentially more contaminated by Tin. The domino effect of the propagation of this paradox also reaches the excavated non-contaminated soil that should be recovered and used for environmental restorations or for other interventions in green-residential areas: but with the “wrong” limit the Italian soils almost always results “contaminated” from Tin… in other words an Italian paradox that the most watchful technicians “elude” by excluding the parameter Tin from the group of the analytical parameters to examine: an Italian “problem” resolved with an Italian “solution”. But would it be possible to just correct the “error” after 14 years?
Francesco Caridei

SOLVED THE PARADOX OF THE TIN: Italy removes soil Tin limit





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