National report of pesticides in the water

National report regarding Pesticides in the water

The report provides informations regards the presence of residues of phytosanitary products in in surface and groundwater.

The results of the 2017-2018 monitoring campagne

The results have been shown in terms of finding frequenze and distribution of the concentration and have been compared with the limit of environmental quality. It has been analyzed the evolution of the contamination and has been analyzed the most critical substances and the phenomenum of poli-exposition. After all, the regulatory framework is placed in relation to the need to reduce the impact on the environment.

426 pollutants searched in water 

The national report – Pestices in the water – includes the description of 426 pollutants searched in the water, which 299 have been detected: insecticides, the most common ones. In the surface water the exceeding the limits includes the glyphosates and fungicides as well.

The surveys considered:

  • 4.775 sampling points;
  • 16.962 samples;
  • 77,3% positives to pesticides in the surface water from an universe of 1.980 sample points;
  • 32,2% positives to pesticides in the groundwater from an universe of 2.795 sample points.

Main pollutants

The pollutant substances more frequents are the Le sostanze inquinanti più rinvenute sono gli insetticides, unlike in the past, when it was herbicides..

Rapporto nazionale pesticidi nelle acque

Data origen

The Report its the result of a complex work that has involved the collaboration of all the components of the National System for the Environmental Protection SNPA, prepared from ISPRA based on the information reported by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

Download (Rapporto-nazionale-pesticidi-nelle-acque.pdf, Unknown)

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