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Values for Soils and Groundwater

Background values for soils and groundwater

The Guidelines for the background Values for soils and groundwater have been published by ISPRA: these are the criteria for the acquisition, processing and management of data aimed at determining the fund values for soils and groundwater as indicated by the following standards, widespread pollution (Part IV, Title V of Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent…

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Contamination by perfluorinated PFAS

The perfluorinated PFAS contamination threshold concentrations were established in Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of 6.07.2016 which transposes the Directive 2014/80 / EU [amendment Annex II of Directive 2006/118 / EC] on the protection of groundwater against pollution. The CNR-IRSA in 2013 published the «Evaluation of environmental and health risks associated with the contamination…

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G_XXIII_rimozione UST

Green remediation restarts a requalification after 13 years

Contaminated area for requalification stopped for over 13 years due excessive remediation costs: fuel depot near Bologna. Ecosurvey has been appointed to review the case of the 13 years dismissed industrial site abandoned due to excessive remediations costs: it proposed a solution of Green Remediation with low environmental impact. Within 10 mounts the following actions…

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Arsenic Limit in Public Water

The cost of water in Italy is among the lowest in Europe, supports CENSIS in Issue 4 of the Diary of the Transition. It is also known that the quality of public water, despite national regulations, is very variable and locally very poor for high content of Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Vanadium, Magnesium, Selenium, Sulfates, Boron,…

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