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Values for Soils and Groundwater

Background values for soils and groundwater

The Guidelines for the background Values for soils and groundwater have been published by ISPRA: these are the criteria for the acquisition, processing and management of data aimed at determining the fund values for soils and groundwater as indicated by the following standards, widespread pollution (Part IV, Title V of Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent […]

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Simpler Discipline Land and Rocks DPR 120/17

The new Regulation 120/17 on “simplified land and rock routing”, which entered into force on 13 June 2017, repeals DM no. 161/2012 and art. 184-bis, paragraph 2bis of the TUA, as well as Art. 41, c.2 and 41-bis of DL n. 69/2013. The new simplified land and rolling rocks DPR 120/17 also updates the ISPRA […]

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