CO2 levels

Green certification (REC): buying medieval indulgences?

Geologists can not predict earthquakes, but they can describe the geological cycles that regulate the CO2 balance of the Planet, from its origins to today and they can predict and account the excess of CO2 that suffocates the Planet.

Many companies have shown significant commitments on the problem of excess CO2 and invested in climate certificates (Green Certificates or Renewable Energy Certificates REC) conversely to make products/services more sustainable for the environment.

Purchase of REC certificates: buying medieval indulgences? In Europe, this is a highly questionable practice: a “redemption” reminiscent of the trade of indulgences in the Middle Ages promoted by the Church of Rome.

It is necessary to optimize their CO2 emissions rather than “redeem”: it should not be allowed to market “licenses to stifle the Planet”. The reduction of CO2 emissions of our products/services is the direct business investments more effective of our companies (and all of us) to neutralize the excess of CO2: indulgences on Earth are not useful for Science!


CO2 levels

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