Costa 2021 soldi per bonifiche

2021 starts with money for the environmental remediation

The Minister Costa, from the Environment Minister of Italy, starts the 2021 with the economic resources for the remediation of the contaminated sites thats have been “orphans” with non reponsabales of its remediation and following.

The Minister Decree enable financial resources in the order of about 100 millions of Euro for the remediation of the “orphans” contaminated sites: i orfani: siti abbandonati for which the remediation procedures remained the responsibility of the community.

«“We have invented a new legal category – adds Costa -, approved a law and today, after so many years, the Italian Republic recognizes that there are many abandoned places to be reclaimed: orphan sites. I signed this decree after negotiating with the Regions and giving them the power to identify these sites. And we have provided the economic resources to solve this problem ».

Each Region will receive between 2 and 13 millions of Euros that must be used to identify and clean up the “orphans” contaminated sites in the next five years  period  ell’arco dei prossimi cinque anni, through remediation operation and requalification.

The public announcement of the Minister Costa. Now the Regions  must prepare the intervention plans hopefully at the fastest way considering as it best the remediation solution at low environmental impact green & sustainable remediation!

Total in Italia € 105.589.294,25
Emilia Romagna € 5.047.168,25
Friuli Venezia Giulia € 1.795.018,00
Lazio € 8.125.096,17
Liguria € 2.317.685,00
Lombardia € 9.613.905,22
Marche € 2.734.762,71
Bolzano (Provincia Autonoma) € 1.219.556,35
Trento (Provincia Autonoma) € 818.317,03
Piemonte € 6.815.788,93
Toscana € 5.812.690,63
Umbria € 2.206.816,24
Valle d’Aosta € 459.313.,43
Veneto € 5.828.529,03
Abruzzo € 2.534.143,06
Molise € 1.272.350,99
Campania € 12.623.200,10
Puglia € 9.408.006,10
Basilicata € 2.312.405,54
Calabria € 5.443.128,11
Sicilia € 13.557.665,35
Sardegna € 5.643.747,76

Watch here the video of the announcement


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