Towards a circular economy model for Italy

“Towards a circular economy model for Italy” is the way for the public consultation of the Environment Ministry Circular Action Plan until 18.09.2017. The action promoted by the Ministry of the Environment aims to provide a general framework for the circular economy as well as to define our country’s strategic position on the theme, in continuity with the commitments made under the Paris Amendment Agreement climate change, United Nations Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, at G7 and in the European Union.

The plan calls for practices and actions to close production cycles, such as repair, regeneration and reintroduction into production cycles and the economy of secondary raw materials and products. Key measures and specific intervention areas are proposed, including:

  • ecological design
  • development of secondary raw material markets
  • adopting more sustainable patterns of consumption
  • waste management

Cross-cutting tools already promoted by the Ministry of the Environment such as eco-innovation, green public procurement (GPP) and European funding instruments are also mentioned.

Section 15 of the Action Plan for the Circular Economy is dedicated to Green Public Procurement and Minimum Environmental Criteria.

Download (verso-un-nuovo-modello-di-economia-circolare_HR.pdf, Unknown)


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