Made Green in Italy

Made Green in Italy

Made Green in Italy in force since 13 June 2018. The Regulation for the implementation of the voluntary national scheme for the evaluation and communication of the environmental footprint of products adopted by the Minister of the Environment. Made Green Italy uses the methodology for determining the environmental footprint of products (PEF) defined in the Recommendation 2013/179 / EU of the European Commission of 9 April 2013.

Goals of “Made Green in Italy” indicated by the Ministry of the Environment:

  • Promote sustainable models of production and consumption and contribute to implementing the indications of the strategy defined by the European Commission.
  • Stimulate the continuous improvement of the environmental performances of the products and, in particular, the reduction of the environmental impacts that these generate during their life cycle.
  • Promote informed choices on the part of citizens, with a view to promoting the development of sustainable consumption, guaranteeing the transparency and comparability of the environmental performance of these products.
  • Strengthening the image, the appeal and the communicative impact that distinguishes products, through the adoption of the PEF – Product Environmental Footprint method as defined in Recommendation 2013/179 / EC and subsequent amendments, and also associating aspects of traceability, environmental quality, landscape quality and social sustainability.
  • Define the most effective ways to evaluate and communicate the environmental footprint of the products of the Italian production system, in order to support their competitiveness on national and international markets.
  • Enhance the positive experiences of environmental qualification of the products of small business clusters, through the adoption of measures to facilitate the adhesion to the “Made Green in Italy” scheme by groups of companies.

Ecosurvey® allows you to obtain the voluntary certificate according to the Made Green in Italy scheme at the Ministry of the Environment on the basis of the criteria of the ISO 14040: 2006 Standard LCA – Life Cycle Assessment. You can ask for more information using the form on this page.

Made Green in Italy






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