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Ecosurvey to Ecomondo 2017 Avoided CO2 emission

Ecosurvey Ecomondo 2017 Avoided CO2 emissions

In collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental and Materials of the University of Bologna, the “Development of a standard for calculation of avoided emissions of a plant that re-uses milled road in the production of bituminous conglomerate” is proposed.

The ECOMONDO 2017 Technical Committee, The Green Technology Expo in Rimini, from 7 to 10 November 2017 will host the presentation of the Ecosurvey® RAp_CO2 project to develop a standard method for calculating CO2 emissions avoided for reuse of milled road in production of bituminous conglomerate. RAp_CO2 is admitted to the Waste Resource Conference: Innovative Solutions and Environmental Effects, Towards the Implementation of a Circular Economy of November 8, 2017.

Download (Ecomondo-2017_ATTI_Ecosurvey.pdf, Unknown)

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