SmartStripping in 100 seconds

SmartStripping® in 100 seconds summarizes the main features of this green & sustainable remediation technique to cleanup the soil and groundwater from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including organic halogen compounds and hydrocarbons. The remediation process removes the contaminants from the subsoil by a single carrier that operates in a closed cycle: the air.  There are non consumption-extraction of water resources, no air emissions, no wastewater and no added chemicals: the environmental impacts generated by SmartStripping® are the lowest among the technologies currently available and no permits are needed for wastewater discharge, air emission or chemicals use. The application of the system to your site can be evaluated on-line by filling the application-form for free pre-technical evaluation, estimated costs and duration. If your site has the appropriate characteristics for the application of SmartStripping® you can join our consortium and take advantage of its benefits. Here for more information.

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