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Purify the water to throw it in sewerage (pump&treat): who does it benefit?

The groundwater reclamation is performed for the majority with the most diffused reclamation method: purify the water to throw it in sewerage (pump&treat): who does it benefit? – Pump&Treat – that foresees the extraction of the water, the decontamination of the drawn out water through activated carbons filters and the drain of treated water in superficial waters or sewerage or its partial re-use for the site productive activities.

SmartStripping® is a remediation technique that treated the groundwater without extracting groundwater and consequently without producing water discharge because it uses a continuous closed air-cycle system to decontaminate the groundwater  through activated carbons filters. As 600 kg of high quality activated carbons reaches a capacity of contaminants removal around 50% of its weight, therefore, for each cycle of regeneration of activated carbons in a SmartStripping® plant, the removal of about 300 kg of organic compounds from groundwater can be calculated. Considering an average concentration of organic contaminants in groundwater in the order  of 10.000 µg/l, the extraction of about 300 kg of contaminants is equivalent to a volume of purified groundwater in the order of 30.000 cubic meters, which, in an aquifer saturated with porosity 0,30 and thickness 10 m, is equivalent to a theoretical surface area of intervention in the order of 10.000 square meters.

In the case of a Pump&Treat plant to get the same removal result of contaminants, it is necessary to extract from the groundwater 30.000 cubic meters of water.

The SmartStripping® remediation technique treated the groundwater in the respect of the environment, of the law and… of the enterprises wallet.


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