G_XXIII_rimozione UST

Green remediation restarts a requalification after 13 years

Contaminated area for requalification stopped for over 13 years due excessive remediation costs: fuel depot near Bologna.

Ecosurvey has been appointed to review the case of the 13 years dismissed industrial site abandoned due to excessive remediations costs: it proposed a solution of Green Remediation with low environmental impact. Within 10 mounts the following actions were approved: 1) the execution of new investigations, 2) the health and environmental risk analysis and 3) a new specific circular remediation project without wastewater discharges in compliance with the new Law 98/2013.

The site specific risk analysis will allow the recovery and develop of the former industrial site, near the city center, for the re-use into industrial, commercial or residential purpose: the green remediation project includes:

  • groundwater circular remediation with full recovery of contaminated water;
  • the exclusion of the need for wastewater discharges in sewer or surface water;
  • drainage trench with minimization and recovery of contaminated soil;
  • the effective management of soil excavation;
  • remote control systems;
  • low energy consumption.

The clean-up costs were integrated into the new develop project of the area and do not exceed  about 10% of the total requalification costs.

G_XXIII_rimozione UST

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