Hidden Champions Top 10 Bologna Ecosurvey

Dear Sirs,

as a result of our visit among Your company in regards to I3SME*project (www.i3sme.eu), Your indications and data regarding the organizational characteristics of Your company were inserted in the database for being confronted with other enterprises that have participated to the analysis, over 100 at provincial level and 800 at European level.

As reported in the first phase of investigation, we hereby to submit You the report personalized on Your enterprise, in which the force points and of weakness emerge regarding to the control group.

We are moreover pleased to communicate You that Your company is been selected between the 10 enterprises at provincial level that have evidenced innovative excellent practices. Such selection will afford to Your company to being free charge promoted to international level through the publication on web and on the Hidden Champions catalog so that to publicize how much more possible the good individuated routines.

Moreover, the activities of the project foresee other initiatives to sustain the participants enterprises in the search of development innovative opportunity. In particular in the next months, activities of exchange and comparison in laboratories of search and thematic workshop will be realized. The first initiative, with a restricted number, will be realized within the year and it will take care of the topic of the economic support to the innovation.

For Your company as for all the 100 enterprises participants to the project, the events are completely free.

Congratulating ourselves for the positioning achieved by Your company, we stay to Your disposition for every explanation and we offer our best regards.

Staff I3SME





(Introducing Innovation Inside SMEs) is the promoted project by Central Europe and co-financed from the FESR, of which the Provinces of Bologna is the leader. The project previews 9 partners European coming from Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary. In Italy we count between the partner the independent Provinces of Trento and CNA Emilia-Romagna with which we get ahead the actions previewed from I3SME on our territory.



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