Clust-ER Energy and Sustainable Development Network Emilia Romagna Region

Ecosurvey® has subscribed to the Clust-ER Energy and Sustainable Development Region of Emilia Romagna

The Clust-ER are communities of public and private subjects that share ideas, skills, tools and resources to support the competitiveness of the most important production systems in Emilia-Romagna.I Clust-ER sono comunità di soggetti pubblici e privati che condividono idee, competenze, strumenti, risorse per sostenere la competitività dei sistemi produttivi più rilevanti dell’Emilia-Romagna.

Competitiveness not based on the ability of the individual research center or company in the area, but dependent on the ability of the system to be innovative and attractive.

The Clust-ER Energy and Sustainable Development promotes sustainable development (“green and blue economy”) in the fields of energy efficiency and new energy technologies, waste and waste management and the most rational use of resources, including by-products and the secondary raw materials, the reduction of harmful emissions into the environment and the management and more careful exploitation of natural resources.

The strategic objective of Clust-ER Energy and Sustainable Development is to support the transition of the regional economy towards a system with reduced environmental impact and less dependence on fossil energy sources, favoring a circular approach aimed at closing cycles.

The adhesion of Ecosurvey® to the Clust-ER Energy and Sustainable Development Region of Emilia Romagna commits us to:

  • Support the development of renewable energy sources (electrical, thermal and biofuels) at the regional level and their integration with existing networks, enhancing the industrial components of excellence present in the region;
  • Promote the mitigation of climate change through the reduction of CO2 emissions, obtained with the development of “low carbon” technologies and the application of innovative solutions to increase energy efficiency and “decarbonisation” of all economic sectors;
  • Support mitigation and adaptation to climate change through better prevention and management of risk factors, bringing to value the skills in terms of monitoring and numerical modeling in the region;
  • Promote product and process innovation with a view to circular economy, pursuing the decoupling between economic growth and consumption of finite resources: from product design to the management and treatment of by-products, waste and waste, in urban and production areas;
  • Support the development and adoption of technologies for the reduction of human impacts on ecosystems and health, with reference to monitoring and environmental remediation and integration of monitoring and data collection systems;
  • Promote the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, to protect ecosystem services on which they depend, directly or indirectly, all the productive and economic activities that develop in the territory.Sostenere lo sviluppo delle fonti energetiche rinnovabili (elettriche, termiche e biocarburanti) a livello regionale e la loro integrazione con le reti esistenti, valorizzando le componenti industriali di eccellenza presenti in regione;
Ecosurvey has been subscribed to the ClustER of the Emilia Romagna region.Clust-ER Energia e Sviluppo Sostenibile Regione Emilia Romagna


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