Water Foot Print

Waterfootprint: sustainable use of water

Everything we eat needs water to grow.

In July 2015 the project on the sustainable use of water in Europe is completed. Theory and practice on water use and member organizations waterfootprint is examined. The working group has examined various aspects of “water and sustainability” across the board by examining the causes of the current water crisis, climate change, water privatization, water pollution with pesticides or waste of water in our daily lives.

Water Foot Print

Also they were developed practical solutions and methods of sustainable water use including consideration of waterfootprint of the project participants. The goal was to develop ways to improve the management of water consumption, examine pedagogies on the topic and a summary of the results in the manual shown below.

The document can be downloaded from this web page, there are:

  • the different aspects of sustainable water use;
  • the educational approach on water saving;
  • the best practices of the institutions involved;
  • an example of waterfootprint.

At this link you can also download the European Water Standard (EWP) which from 2011 can define a standard for the sustainable use of water for industrial and residential.

Ecosurvey can examine your waterfootprint, write to ask questions by following this link.

Download (handbookwater_grundtwig_final.pdf, Unknown)

More information about the project Sustainable Use of Water: https://sustainableuseofwater.wordpress.com/about/



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