European Water Standards

It was published the draft version (v. 4.6) of’ European-Water-Stewardship-Standard for use in Test Pilot.

The EWS standard aims to be applicable to a broad range of water users and industries that may affect the availability and quality of water while still respecting the complexity of impacts linked to water use and therefore: comprises environmental, social and economic aspects, it i

s valid on global scale across all sectors.

Objectives of the European Water Standards European quality and water conservation:

  • To build positive incentives to promote a change in behavior and practices of water use, management and governance.
  • To provide a tool for water users to demonstrate corporate responsibility.
  • To provide a tool to achieve integrated sustainable water (resource) management.
  • To optimize the use of water on operational and river basin basis.
  • To prepare the private sector for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).
  • To support water users in general to communicate and report on their water use.
  • To evaluate the use of water on a local and business basis (also for multi-site companies).
  • Third party verification of the water user’s compliance.

Download (EWS+European-Water-Stewardship-Standard-v4.6.pdf, Unknown)



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