Waste on public land Council of State against the Campania Region

Abandoned waste sites on public area, judgment against Campania Region for Frattamaggiore Town, to decide who should pay for the removal of abandoned waste and the remediation of the polluted area. The story begins from the small Town of Frattamaggiore, arrives in the Campania Region, also in the Regional Administrative Court and finally reaches the Council of State, by the following acts:
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  • city ordinance
  • application at first instance
  • judgment of the action at first instance
  • appeal to the judgment of first instance
  • appearance in court
  • order of stay of the judgment
  • revocation of supervision order
  • memory to contest the admissibility of the application for revocation
  • order dismissing the revocation order
  • memory to figure out the groundlessness of the appeal
  • hearing to hold the decisionAnd ‘interesting to imagine the need for such litigation to understand who will pay to remove waste from a public area, but in addition to the legal costs incurred by the parties, both “public”, you must add the commitment of the government officials involved : Common, region , the Regional Administrative Court of Campania and the State Council. In view of the fact that < strong> certainly those wastes had to be removed from government, those charges may be considered to be ” virtually” useless?

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