Workshop SmartStripping Green Remediation

Tuesday, 05.20.2014, Palazzo Grassi, via Marsala 12 Bologna

SmartStripping® is a green remediation technique for the soil remediation. It’s a emission-free technique without consumption of natural resources and groundwater loss discharged in sewer. Low environmental impacts and the innovation of the Smartstripping® technology  have enabled the co-financing of the European Commission to the most important testing project of soil & groundwater  in Italy in the program Eco-Innovation a initiative for Competitiveness and Innovation CIP (EACI). The workshop is aimed at researchers, professionals and technicians who will be able to discuss the issues of green remediation and the SmartStripping® trials. The event will be moderated by Prof. Ferruccio Trifirò, Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, University of Bologna. There will also be technical tables to the transfer of  know-how for the implementation of green remediation techniques.

Workshop agenda

  • 9:15 Welcome and introduction: Dr. Francesco Caridei, SmartStripping® Project Coordinator
  • 9:30 Chairman: The importance of Green Remediation: Prof. Ferruccio Trifirò, Bologna University
  • 10:00 SmartStripping® application on-site : Dr. Roberto Verri, SmartStripping®
  • 10:20 On-site sampling, analysis methodology and results: Dr. Fulvio Borrino, Felsilab
  • 10:40 Environmental Impacts in Green Remediation: Ing. Alessia Avantaggiato, SmartStripping®
  • 11:00 SmartStripping® modeling tool: Ing. Irene Jubany, CTM Barcellona
  • 11:20 Technical tables: Application of green remediation techniques
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:00 Visit to a SmartStripping® plant
  • 16:30 Visit to the exhibitionto Palazzo Pepoli, Bologna Museum (till 18:00)

To join: write submitting the form below. Information: Ing. Alessia Avantaggiato, tel. 051 7457013.

Download (Invito-20.05.2014-workshop.pdf, Unknown)

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