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E-Tutor air emissions always in compliance with the limits

E-Tutor (Air Emission Tutor) Atmospheric air emissions always in compliance with the limits for industrial sites with discontinuous emissions.

A pilot test of the E-tutor system was performed in a bituminous conglomerate production plant in Tuscany. The plant is subject to discontinuous emissions into the atmosphere during the production cycle: it is not subject to continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEM’S) that are mandatory for other types of plants. During the production process, plants with discontinuous emissions must comply with specific limits on the basis of hourly sampling based on analytical laboratory methods defined by the authorities.
E-Tutor technology is based on gas analyzers installed directly on the chimney[1], data acquisition and management software [2] and real-time display of gas quality [3] for the production area and / or for the external public on a monitor or web page.
The management system has been set up for easy use that allows you to receive alerts on exceeding limits in real time, every 5 minutes, offering the possibility to operators to change the production speed in order to control the emission limits on an hourly basis .

The application of E-Tutor, also associated with the RAp-CO2 project developed for plants that recover road milling, has the aim of adapting to the development of an increasingly demanding environmental framework with the aim of improving relations between citizens , producers and authorities creating a network of trust.

Ivana Cekovic

E-Tutor emissions into the atmosphere that always comply with the limits.

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