• Multinational Mechanical Industry (Italy)

    Within the framework of a due diligence of acquisition, the characterization of the historical contamination status of four nationally-owned establishments with total surface area of approx. 25 ha. The main contaminants, compounds of the organochlorinated group, were found in groundwater and groundwater and safety activities were carried out, reclamation activities were planned and pilot and […]

  • Bitumen, emulsion and bituminous conglomerate production (Italy)

    Soil and groundwater survey for 7 Bitumen, emulsion and bituminous conglomerate production plants located in Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Marche, Veneto and Friuli. The environmental surveys have been focused on air emissions for operators, soil and groundwater quality, channelized air emissions. Environmental impact assessment have been developed to support the design of a waste treatment plant for […]

  • Automotive and Railways (Italy)

    Training on the environmental aspects of the Management Systems and legislation applicable to the automotive manufacturing sites with reference to the activities of some thirty industrial sites distributed throughout Italy, carried out by RINA Industry in the industrial sites of Fiat Auto, Glaverbel, Sevel, Valeo, Speedline, Trenitalia. Examining the environmental aspects to be included in […]

  • Reclamation of Chemical Deposits

    Characterization of the state of contamination of four deposits of national importance for a total extension of more than 11 ha. Realization of soil, subsoil, groundwater and waste quality control activities in compliance with Directive 96/82 / EC. Reclamation of chemical deposits by adopting Emergency and Operational Safety Measures by adopting the principles of green […]

  • Reno River Dump

    Characterization Plan, Preliminary and Final Project for Reclamation of Park Area in Via della Guardia, ca. 1 hectare, first outskirts west of Bologna. The site, of regional interest, has obtained regional funding for the planned reclamation works and the technical and administrative procedures have been completed very quickly with respect to similarly open-site reclamation sites.

  • Fuel Sales Points (Italy)

    Examining the document compliance of the storage areas of approx. 100 sales outlets of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. Examination of the subsoil quality by examining interstitial gases of approx. 250 sales outlets distributed across the country in three successive survey campaigns.

  • Odor Emissions (Italy)

    Residential areas that are getting closer to historical productive areas. Examination of the quality characteristics of the gaseous effluents of production plants by verifying the chemical and odorous properties released to fireplaces authorized in the framework of projects to mitigate the impacts of atmospheric emissions against sensitive targets. Modeling of diffusion plumes in the atmosphere […]

  • Sugar Factories

    As part of the implementation of the EC Regulation 320/2006 of 20.02.2006 on the transitional regime for the restructuring of the sugar industry in the European Community, amending Regulation EC 1290/2005 of 21 June 2005 on the functioning of the “Ecosurvey® has followed the soil and groundwater aspects of 6 + 2 sugar factories of […]

  • Incinerator (PN)

    Examination of the environmental impact of the emission of greenhouse gas emissions for the study of the Environmental White Paper carried out in agreement with the competent authorities. The examination has allowed to define the areas of maximum relapse and select top soil sampling areas to test the theoretical model of the dispersion of pollutants […]

  • Portoscuso (CA)

    Characterization plan for the contamination status of the land, surface water and groundwater of the commune of Portoscuso (CA), ca. 1600 hectares, National Landmark Site (SIN) has allowed the quality control of the terrain of the respectable area between the residential area and the industrial area, and also the quality of groundwater quality has allowed […]