Why SmartStripping

Closed air-cycle

SmartStripping® remediate groundwater through the introduction of clean air into saturated zone (stripping) and the extraction of the air, full off contaminants, from the unsaturated zone. The contaminants extracted from the aquifer are conveyed in filters, after which, the purified air is re-introduced into the ground creating a closed air-cycle that minimizes the impact of the technology on the environment.

SmartStripping Closed-air-cycle

Zero atmospheric emissions

SmartStripping® is an “atmospheric emissions” free technology, therefore, to start, it doesn’t require authorizations from the Authorities. This aspect concerning air quality protection allows starting the MISE (Emergency and Safety Actions) the same day as the statements prescribed by art. 242 are sent.

Zero groundwater extraction

SmartStripping® removes volatile and semi-volatile (VOC and sVOC) contaminants dissolved in groundwater without the need to extract water from the underground, therefore the water resource is preserved in the underground without the need to discharge it into sewers or surface water.

SmartStripping Zero-Groundwater-extraction

Zero water discharges

SmartStripping® is a “water discharge it into sewers or surface water” free technology, therefore it doesn’t require authorizations from the Authorities to start. This aspect concerning surface water protection allows starting the MISE (Emergency and Safety Actions) the same day as the statements prescribed by art. 242 are sent.

SmartStripping Zero-Wastewater

Zero waste

The high efficiency of the air treatment system in use by SmartStripping®, provided by granular activated carbons with the best adsorption capacity, allows to reduces to 1/3 the quantity of exhausted activated carbons, compared to other traditional systems (eg: Pump & Treat), for the same quantity of extracted contaminants. The exhausted activated carbons are entirely recoverable in R13.

SmartStripping Zero-waste

Minimum health risk

SmartStripping® works by removing VOC and sVOC from the unsaturated and saturated zone, therefore it’s a device for the reduction of health risk from underground organic vapors inhalation.

SmartStripping Minimum-risk

Zero time for the plant start

SmartStripping® can be installed and started on the same day as the required communications for the MISE,  without costs and time for the authorization practices from the Authorities.

SmartStripping Minimum-Time

Greatest flexibility

The limited size of the plants allows a easy installation. It is also generally possible to transform available wells/piezometers in SmartStripping® wells increasing the system flexibility and reducing the installation time and cost.

SmartStripping Maximum-Flexibility

Maximum savings

SmartStripping® purifies the groundwater through a closed air-cycle. The air purification from VOC and sVOC through carbon filters is from 4 to 5 times more advantageous than the water purification, therefore the treatment of air, compared to the treatment of water, allows to treat a larger volume of underground and to reduce operating costs.

SmartStripping Maximum-savings

Energy use minimization

The energy consumption compared to the quantity of removed contaminants mass balance reached the rate of 1 kWh for 0.1 kg of removed contaminants.

SmartStripping Minimum-Energy