Qualità suolo e sottosuolo

Soil & Groundwater Quality

Soil and groundwater quality investigations is a Ecosurvey® activity with reference to the objectives of the customer, in compliance with legislative requirements, appropriate methods prescribed by the technical rules and under the timelines provided by technical and administrative procedures. Ecosurvey® performed activities for characterization soil, subsoil and groundwater in thousands of sites distributed in almost every corner of Italy, including sites of national interest ( SIN ) and sites included on the regional lists of contaminated sites. Ecosurvey® examined conceptual models of contamination at sites owned by major international operators, including ENI, Danone, Valeo, Ingersoll, Enel, Fiat Auto, Piaggio aeroindustries, Ankerpoort, Sevel, Glaverbel, Sadam Eridania, Tamoil, Brenntag, Mistral, API, Ashland, Univar, Airproduct and worked in support of organizations – public institutions, including the presidency of the Council of Ministers, Commissioner for the emergence of the River Sarno, Commissioner for the emergency Stoppani, Italian Navy, Italian Post and many municipalities.