emissioni in atmosfera

Air Quality

Ecosurvey® is able to evaluate the air quality emissions diffused and channeled in compliance with the authorization processes and environmental audits. The productive process of the effluents allows to examine the origin, the mode of  formation, the chemistry and the odour of each substance present in the effluent. Ecosurvey® has the licenses of use of  modeling and analysis software to examine the channeled emissions  into atmosphere including analysis protocol for the examination of fugitive emissions. The examination of the potential impacts of air quality emissions by followup are been examined with tecnhical approach in compliance with legislation and parties interested. In these projects were carried out monitoring and measures campaigns that have enabled to determine the correspondence between real and expected data, to the satisfaction of authorities and customers. Air diffusion models has also allowed to agree with the limits for odorimetric units of channelized air emission into atmosphere and CO2 air emission balance.