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Ecosurvey to Ecomondo 2017 Avoided CO2 emission

Ecosurvey Ecomondo 2017 Avoided CO2 emissions In collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental and Materials of the University of Bologna, the “Development of a standard for calculation of avoided emissions of a plant that re-uses milled road in the production of bituminous conglomerate” is proposed. The ECOMONDO 2017 Technical Committee, The Green Technology…

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RAP-CO2 benefits

RAP-CO2 benefits and adhesion to the project: annual certification of environmental accounting ease of access to Public Green Procurement [GGP] improvement of the environmental image real-time monitoring of avoided CO2 emissions hr]  

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Life Cycle Thinking: RAP-CO2 project

The RAP-CO2 project considers Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) and the evaluation of the life cycle of the bituminous conglomerate from the cradle to the grave. The following activities carried out at the aggregate production site (quarry) are considered: deforestation of the site that houses the quarry, which reduces the ability to sequestrate CO2 due to…

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Ecomondo exhibition 2014 Report on Innovation in Emilia-Romagna

Ecomondo exhibition 2014 Report on Innovation in Emilia-Romagna Ecomondo 2014 “Il Bilancio dell’eco-innovazione in Emilia-Romagna”:  slide of the intervention “SmartStripping® Green and sustainable remediation” are available for download. The Report on Innovation in Emilia-Romagna has been developed to sustain the strategy of intervention planning in support of economic development and identification of possible area of…

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CO2 and greenhouse gas reduction

The CO2 and greenhouse gas reduction program, according to the Kyoto Protocol, has been transposed through the EC/2003/87  Directive (Emission Trading Scheme or EU ETS), in Italy by the ex-Legislative Decree 216/2006 and subsequently, the key principles for the calculation of CO2 emissions were set out in EU Decision 2007/589/EC as follows: Completeness: Complete and comprehensive…

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Comparison of VOC’s remediation technologies

A comparison of traditional remediation techniques commonly used for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi-volatile compounds (SVOCs) from the underground is exposed in the following table. The SmartStripping® characteristics are compared with Pump & Treat (P & T), Air sparging (AS) and the combination of Soil Vapor Extraction with Air Sparging (SVE/AS).

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