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Values for Soils and Groundwater

Background values for soils and groundwater

The Guidelines for the background Values for soils and groundwater have been published by ISPRA: these are the criteria for the acquisition, processing and management of data aimed at determining the fund values for soils and groundwater as indicated by the following standards, widespread pollution (Part IV, Title V of Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent…

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RAP-CO2 logo

Life Cycle Thinking: RAP-CO2 project

The RAP-CO2 project considers Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) and the evaluation of the life cycle of the bituminous conglomerate from the cradle to the grave. The following activities carried out at the aggregate production site (quarry) are considered: deforestation of the site that houses the quarry, which reduces the ability to sequestrate CO2 due to…

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logo AquaConSoil 2017

AquaConSoil 2017

Ecosurvey® will be present at AquaConsoil 2017, on 26-30 June in Lyon (F) to present tested green & sustainable solution for the soil and groundwater remediation. Green & Sustainable Remediation The Ecosurvey® green remediation solutions are planned and approved by the Authorities, for clean up, operative remediation, emergency remediation by examining the site specific contamination status and opportunities…

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G_XXIII_rimozione UST

Green remediation restarts a requalification after 13 years

Contaminated area for requalification stopped for over 13 years due excessive remediation costs: fuel depot near Bologna. Ecosurvey has been appointed to review the case of the 13 years dismissed industrial site abandoned due to excessive remediations costs: it proposed a solution of Green Remediation with low environmental impact. Within 10 mounts the following actions…

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Water Foot Print

Waterfootprint: sustainable use of water

Everything we eat needs water to grow. In July 2015 the project on the sustainable use of water in Europe is completed. Theory and practice on water use and member organizations waterfootprint is examined. The working group has examined various aspects of “water and sustainability” across the board by examining the causes of the current water…

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