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Sustainable Remediation 2014 – Modelling mass transfer coefficients for in situ SmartStripping® upscaling

You can download here the poster accepted at the convention “Sustainable remediation 2014” (SUSREM), 17-19 september, Ferrara, Italy – all right reserved© – entitled: “Modelling mass transfer coefficients at laboratory scale for in situ SmartStripping® upscaling” I. Jubany, M. Calderer, R. Verri, F. Caridei, F. Borrino, C.B. Mosangini, V. Martí.

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SmartStripping® on “Chimica & Ambiente”

Following the article “SmartStripping® GreenRemediation”  published on the editorial “Chimica & Ambiente”, in the number released in luglio/agosto 2014. Authors: Claudia Beatrice Mosangini, SmartStripping® Project manager Irene Jubany, Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic Manresa Martí Vicenç Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Fulvio Borrino, Felsilab srl

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Ecosurvey old gas station France

Green Remediation Training at Remtech Expo 2014

Green Remediation Training Course is a Cluster Meeting at Remtech Expo 2014 for the examination of the environmental effects and minimize the environmental footprint of remediation actions, with training credits. Qualitative and quantitative tools useful in decision-making and operational for the evaluation of environmental impacts generated by the different remediation techniques have been promoted by…

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European Water Standards

It was published the draft version (v. 4.6) of’ European-Water-Stewardship-Standard for use in Test Pilot. The EWS standard aims to be applicable to a broad range of water users and industries that may affect the availability and quality of water while still respecting the complexity of impacts linked to water use and therefore: comprises environmental,…

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Comparison of VOC’s remediation technologies

A comparison of traditional remediation techniques commonly used for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi-volatile compounds (SVOCs) from the underground is exposed in the following table. The SmartStripping® characteristics are compared with Pump & Treat (P & T), Air sparging (AS) and the combination of Soil Vapor Extraction with Air Sparging (SVE/AS).

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