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EAPA CO2 emissions position paper

Road pavement industries highlight huge CO2 saving offered by maintaining and upgrading roads. EAPA CO2 emissions position paper is an evaluation about the CO2 emission related to the road maintenance was performed by European Asphalt Pavement Association. They evaluate since different criteria the influence of the road proper maintenance on the CO2 emissions and state that…

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Tuscan TAR requires the Italian Environmental Impacts Assessment V.I.A

The Tuscan Administrative Regional Tribunal (TAR for it acronym in Italian) requires the Environmental Impact Assesment (TAR Toscana Sez. I n. 64 del 19.01.2017) According to the state’s environmental law, it’s consented that some projects are excluded of the Environmental Impact assessment requirement (V.I.A. for it acronym in Italian). This exclusion requirement is refered when…

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Comparison of VOC’s remediation technologies

A comparison of traditional remediation techniques commonly used for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi-volatile compounds (SVOCs) from the underground is exposed in the following table. The SmartStripping® characteristics are compared with Pump & Treat (P & T), Air sparging (AS) and the combination of Soil Vapor Extraction with Air Sparging (SVE/AS).

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