Directive IED and Decree 272/14 commits AIA companies to soil & groundwater assessment

The reduction of environmental impacts is target of Directive IED and Decree 272/14 commits AIA companies to soil & groundwater assessment.

On April 29, 2015, the ARS Course in Milan will exam the Directive IED and Decree 272/2014 to support the actions of the industrial plant under AIA (Integrated Environmental Authorization) for site specific pollution risks.

Speackers: Laura Bussoli, environmental management systems expert (Sindar) e Francesco Caridei, soil&groundwater expert (SmartStripping®).


Course program: Directive IED and Decree 272/14

9.00 – 9.30: Registration of participants.

a) The national and regional AIA (Integrated Environmental Authorization) after the acknowledgement of the Directive IED; b) Decree 272/2014, the consequence on the authorization: from the screening to the regulatory requirement of the Relazione di Riferimento; c) The schedule to compliance and the new applicable sanctions; d)Minimum contents and characterization’s criteria in the Relazione di Riferimento; e)The regulation at local level: state of the art; f) The Guidelines of the European Commission Communication 2014/C/136/01 about the Relazione di Riferimento; g)Annex 3 of the Decree 272/2014: critical analysis of the approach proposed by the Ministry; h) Contaminated or potentially contaminated site according to the Decree 152/2006; i) Analysis of site specific risk analysis according to the criteria of the Ministry of the Environment; l) Soil & Groundwater Remediation: always mandatory?

17.30 – 18.00: debate and closing work.

Address: UNA Hotel Scandinavia, via Giovanni Battista Fauché, 15, 20154 Milano, registration includes: proceedings of the seminar, coffee-break, buffet-lunch.


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