SmartStripping®: an effective and eco-friendly remediation technique.

SmartStripping®: is a remediation technique effective and sustainable, considered of interest by the Evaluation Commission of the European Commission EACI, ECO-Innovation.

The subsoil remediation can be performed with eco-friendly principles, avoiding atmospheric emissions, consumption of natural resources and groundwater waste discharged in sewer. In the geology and environmental engineering fields, SmartStripping® is an experimental project that aims to add eco-friendly criteria in the design of subsoil remediation.

When groundwater contamination is caused by the presence of organic pollutants (solvents, light hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, other) we can plan remedial measures to safeguard water resources removing the dissolved contaminants collected in a regenerable filter-trap. In 2011 the  Evaluation Commission of Eco-Innovation has considered the remediation technique deserving of a co-financing together with other 5 Italian projects.


ECO-Innovation is the European competition for small and medium-sized enterprises which provides matching funds to support services and processes that use fewer natural resources and produce emissions, pollutants and waste in lower quantities.

The Evaluation Commission selected 5 other Italian projects in addition to SmartStripping ®: Ecoplasbrick, coordinated by the Consortium Cetma (BR), to produce a plastic-based panel composed of two layers of gres, with ‘mixed plastic inside not usually recycled. Recogen, coordinated by Mario Puccioni Spa of Vasto (CH), for the hydrochloric acid  “regeneration” used for the treatement of the iron pieces that must be galvanized. Re.Pack Edoils, coordinated by Fabio Mataluni & C., packaging for edible oils. Supertex of Next Technology that aims to demonstrate that the recycled PET can be used by the textile industry.  Zewipro, coordinated by Asteria (AP), for the CO2 abatement generated during alcoholic wine fermentation to be used for the production of microalgae for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal feed and nutritional supplements.


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