Does Internet pollute?

Internet pollutes

Here’s the report exemplifies the potential CO2 emissions in the atmosphere caused by Cloud Computing and its contribution to climate change. The 2010 update of power supplies to major locations in Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo! in the United States are summarized in the table below.

CompanySq Footage% Dirty Energy (local grid)% Renewable El. (local grid)
Google, NC47600050.5% Coal, 38.7% Nuclear3.8%
Google, OR20600034.4% Coal, 3.3% Nuclear50.9%
Apple, NC50000050.5% Coal, 38.7% Nuclear3.8%
Microsoft, IL70000072.8% Coal, 22.3% Nuclear1.1%
Microsoft, TX47000037.1% Coal11%
Yahoo! NY19000021.0% Coal, 27.0% Nuclear27.7%
Yahoo! NE35000073.5% Coal, 14.6% Nuclear7%


Download (make-it-green-cloud-computing.pdf, 1.01MB)

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