Greenhouse gas emissions: are they reducing?

The measurement of CO2e is based on specific calculations, constraints, based on EU regulations and principles of completeness, comparability, transparency, accuracy, cost / effectiveness, loyalty, monitoring and communication efficiency, revised in Italy by the Environment Ministry of the  and the Institute for Higher Protection and Environmental Research (ISPRA).:  more

CO2 global warming

Who pays for a contaminated site?

procedures2 …ed i percorsi amministrativi
analysis3 Analizziamo i dati…
Cause and effect
relationships4 …e preveniamo le criticità
determination5 Otteniamo le autorizzazioni…
Reuse of
decontaminated site6 …ed il sito “non contaminato”

How to perform a green remediation?

from VOC and VOCs……2 da VOC e SVOC
water discharge…
emissions…4 ...senza emissioni in aria
with minimal
permissions…5 …con minime autorizzazioni
and maximum
effectiveness.6 e massima efficacia

Ecosurvey in top 10 innovative companies of Bologna

In the I3SME project: Introducing Innovation Inside SMEs , ECOSURVEY® was included in the group of the 10 most innovative companies in the Province of Bologna, among more than 100 examined: read more

Italian Tin paradox also solved thanks to us

The Italian Paradox on Tin soil contamination is known among professionals who deal with problems of soil contamination in this country for over 13 years with the legislative error involving the value of the Tin soil concentration limit, confused in accordance with the well more dangerous organo-tin compounds. Mistake that for over 13 years in our country caused squandering of public and private resources and who in recent years had singularly reduced Italy only country in Europe with soils contaminated by Tin !  …more…