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    A professional at your disposition to provide you all the support on  environmental and health risks assessment.

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Who pays for a contaminated site?


How to clean up with a low environmental impact?

Ecosurvey® in the list of the 10 most innovative companies at Bologna

In the framework of the I3SME project: Introducing Innovation within SMEs, ECOSURVEY® was included in the group of the 10 most innovative companies in the Province of Bologna, among the more than 100 examined: leggi tutto

Emissions into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases: are they reduced?

CO2e measurement is based on non-simple calculations, bound by legislation on the principles of completeness, comparability, transparency, accuracy, cost / effectiveness, loyalty, monitoring and communication efficiency, reviewed by the Ministry of the Environment and the Higher Institute for Protection and Environmental Research (ISPRA): leggi tutto

Solved the Italian Paradox of the pond ... thanks to us!

The Italian Paradox of the soils contaminated by Stagno is known among the experts who deal with the problems of subsoil contamination that in this country have lived for over 13 years with the legislative error that involved the value of the limit concentration of the Stagno parameter in the soil, confused in the norm with the far more dangerous organ-stannic compounds. Error that for over 13 years caused in our country wasting of public and private resources and that in these years had individually reduced Italy’s only country of Europe with the most contaminated land from Tin! leggi tutto

Ecosurvey®: small company + sostenibile Bologna BellaMossa2017

Ecosurvey® was awarded on September 16, 2017 in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna as a more sustainable company, ranked first in the Bella Mossa 2017 corporate challenge, Small Company category: leggi tutto

Problems with air emissions and olfactory harassment?

Soil and groundwater remediation with low environmental impact?

Due diligence for potentially contaminated sites?

Soil characterization and risk analysis?

Excessive costs for wastewater treatment?

Non-destructive geophysical surveys?

Management of excavated soil and rocks?

Environmental Authorizations?